Time To Check For Ticks!

Time To Check For Ticks

With the warm temperatures of the spring and summer months comes the pests that we didn’t during the winter months. Although we are now seeing these pests roaming about, there are many insects that we can’t see! More than ever, the amount of ticks outdoors has been on a steady incline. Studies show, that the tick population has grown over the year, with individuals getting sick from newer and existing illnesses.

As we start to spend time outside, it's important to know the signs of tick bite's and tick bite prevention. If you plan on spending time outside, be cautious of the time you spend in wooded and grassy areas. Once indoors, it is crucial to check yourself for any ticks roaming on your body or your clothes. Make sure to check places such as your arms, your ears, your hair, and even by your knees and feet!

There is nothing to fear if you think you have been bit by a tick! Remove the tick with tweezers, cleanse the area, and call your healthcare provider if you feel the bite is infected. Below are a few steps to take before heading outside this summer with friends and family to prevent future bites.

  1. Use a chemical repellent with DEET, permethrin, or picaridin
  2. Wear light-colored protective clothing.
  3. Tuck pant legs into socks.
  4. Avoid tick-infested areas.
  5. Check yourself, your children, and your pets daily for ticks and carefully remove any ticks.

More more helpful information regarding ticks and how to stay safe this summer, visit the following websites below!

  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Ticks
  2. The University of Rhode Island / TickEncounter
  3. Medline Plus / Tick Bites

Now that you know how to stay safe this summer, check our website to have some exciting summer fun!

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