Tomahawk Axe Throwing - West Chester PA

Treehouse World is a place where kids are allowed to use tools, climb trees, and yes, even throw axes at targets. Safety of our guests is our top priority!

Kids and sharp objects don't mix, right? When supervised and organized, tomahawk ax throwing is just as safe as a bb gun or archery range. Perceived danger can be used to teach kids to follow instructions and think about what they are doing. Axe Throwing is very fun for kids and adults alike.

Our Tomahawk Axe Throwing Range is outdoors and in a controlled environment. If you have never thrown an axe before, this is definitely something you should try.

Tomahawk throwing axes are never left outside unattended at the range for unsupervised use.  A staff member is always present and anyone acting in such a way as to endanger others or not following instructions will be asked to leave the activity and go enjoy the rest of the things to do at Treehouse World.

No joking about throwing tomahawk axes at people or swinging axes around threateningly will be permitted.