Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can participate?                      

Anybody can come to Treehouse World, but due to the nature of some of our attractions, age and weight restrictions apply. Even if you meet these criteria, we still rely on you to know whether you should opt out of an activity due to health or fitness issues that we do not have knowledge of. If you have any questions about suitability, please contact us ahead of time or talk with a team member at Treehouse World.

  • Treehouses: Any age
  • Pirate's Cove: Any age
  • Warrior Woods: Any Age
  • Tree Climbing: 22 pound min. & 275 pound max.
  • Euro Bungy Trampoline: 20 pound min. & 200 pound max.
  • Buccaneer's Zipline: 2 year old minimum; 20 pound min. & 275 pound max.
  • Walk The Plank: 44 pound min. & 275 pound max.
  • Valley Creek Aerial ZiplineTour: 12 year old minimum to ride alone, or 8 year old with a parent (one to one ratio required).  60 pound min. & 275 pound max.
  • Archery Target/Tag: 8 year old minimum - It's safe for younger ones to shoot, but some kids can't draw the 26 lb bow until they are in the 8-11 year old range.
  • Toxic Meltdown:  10+ years old or 48" and not more than 200 lbs.

Do I need reservations for general admission?

Yes, reservations are necessary during covid if you plan on joining us for general admission.  Please check our website and/or Facebook page for our seasonal open hours.

What should I wear for a Treehouse World Adventure?

Closed-toe shoes are an absolute must for all activities at Treehouse World. Athletic sneakers are recommended. Absolutely no flip flops, sandals, slip on shoes, high heel, or open-toed shoes are permitted on adventure activities.

We suggest wearing clothing that is comfortable to allow freedom of motion. Additionally, please wear clothing that is comfortable and modest for wearing a typical rock climbing harness, if you intend to participate in those activities. Lastly, Treehouse World is "in the woods," so you might not want to wear fine clothing that can't get a bit dirty.


What happens if it rains?

Treehouse World is an outdoor facility. We continue to operate when it's raining. However, the activities will close in the event of thunder or lightning. Treehouse World makes every effort to reopen the activities as quickly and safely as possible following the end of adverse weather conditions. There are no refunds for inclement weather, refunds are in gift card form only.  Cancellations must be made prior to your ticket arrival time for refund in form of gift card. If the weather forecast looks extremely unfavorable and we decide to close, please check our Facebook page for updates.


Should I worry about bugs, ticks and poison ivy?

It is impossible to avoid these things entirely, but our staff actively removes and keeps participants away from poison ivy. We employ guinea hens and chickens to help eat all of the ticks they can find, but we still strongly suggest that participants have someone they trust check them for ticks after adventuring at Treehouse World.


What parts of Treehouse World are open now?

Train Treehouses (6), Greybeard Treehouse, Tiki Treehouse, The Pavilion, Yurt Treehouse, Gingerbread Treehouse, Leaf Platform, Bridges/Platforms in the Cove, Warrior Woods as well as Tomahawk Throwing, and Archery Target/Tag, are open and access is included in Explorer Pass. Adventure activities that are open include the Tree Climbing area, Buccaneer's Zipline, Walk the Plank, and The Valley Creek Aerial Zipline Tour. Additional Zipline activities are slated to open soon. For an up to date list of what is ready now and sneak previews of what is to come, please see our treehouses and adventure activities.


How do I book a party or event?

Glad to hear we’ll be seeing you soon! You can book directly on our website:Birthday Party PageCall or e-mail.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, all guests entering the park must sign our digital waiver (paper copies not available).  General Admission guests can sign directly from our website prior to your arrival here .  Guests who are coming with a group or party must be provided a link, via email, from their host prior to the event.