Park Safety Guide


General Safety

Safety is the most fundamental of our company wide values. Our amusement rides are registered with the PA Department of Agriculture, as accordingly, we provide full safety training to our staff. That all being said, participation involves assumption of risk by our guests. The goal of adventure programming is to let our guests experience a perceived risk without actually getting hurt. Safely overcoming a perceived risk or challenge is the pathway to personal growth and team building. We strive to operate safely while still allowing our guests to have fun, challenge themselves, explore the natural environment, and engage in adventure based activities.

To further explain, here are some things you should know:

Height/Weight Safety Guide

Anybody can visit Treehouse World, but due to the nature of some of our attractions, age and weight restrictions apply. Even if you meet these criteria, we still rely on you to know whether you should opt out of an activity due to health or fitness issues that we do not have knowledge of. If you have any questions about suitability, please contact us ahead of time or talk with a team member at Treehouse World.

  • Treehouses: Any age
  • Pirate's Cove: Any age
  • Warrior Woods: Any Age
  • Tree Climbing: 22 pound min. & 275 pound max.
  • Bungy Trampoline: 20 pound min. & 200 pound max.
  • Buccaneer Zipline: 2 year old minimum; 20 pound min. & 275 pound max.
  • Canopy Zipline:  50 pound min. & 275 pound max.
  • Walk The Plank: 44 pound min. & 275 pound max.
  • Toxic Meltdown:  10+ years old or 48" and not more than 200 lbs.
  • Valley Creek Ziplines:  70 pound minimum; 44" or taller in height

Registered Rides/Inspection

All of our rides are registered and inspected under the guidelines of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture's Division of Amusement Rides and Attractions.  Our rides are inspected daily by our staff who are certified ride inspectors for the State of PA.

Bad weather may mean temporary delays or closures

For the safety of our guests, we will not operate any ride when lightning is nearby.  While it might look like clear skies overhead, we will not operate with lightning within 10 miles.  Operation will resume when safe.  Wet weather will effect our bungee trampoline and toxic meltdown.  Closures will be announced on our website under operational changes.

Sometimes our ride operators need to pause a ride to keep guests safe

We have very strict policies on our rides, so if we see something unsafe we may halt a ride until guests comply with the safety guidelines.  Please follow all directions from the ride operators to ensure everyone has a safe ride!


Our trained staff is the only one that will be allowed to remove or put on a harness.  Please see any staff member in the park should you need assistance removing or placing a harness back on.

All of our ride operators undergo comprehensive training

Every associate must be trained and certified at every position they work in the park with consistent ongoing training throughout the year.

Even when the park is closed, we are taking care of our rides

During non-operational months, our staff are busy inspecting, repairing and cleaning our rides to ensure they are in top shape for your visit.

Unexpected ride closures

Ride safety and maintenance is our number one priority for our guests.  Sometimes unexpected mechanical issues arise that will cause the ride to be temporarily closed to address the problem.  We provide an operational update section on our website that will announce any issues that may arise and estimated time of opening.  There is no guarantee of any attraction on purchased tickets.