General Safety

Safety is the most fundamental of our company wide values. Our amusement rides are registered with the PA Department of Agriculture, as accordingly, we provide full safety training to our staff. That all being said, participation involves assumption of risk by our guests. The goal of adventure programming is to let our guests experience a perceived risk without actually getting hurt. Safely overcoming a perceived risk or challenge is the pathway to personal growth and team building. We strive to operate safely while still allowing our guests to have fun, challenge themselves, explore the natural environment, and engage in adventure based activities.

Safety Post COVID 19 - Spring/Summer 2020.

We are evaluating the information relayed by our state and federal governments, along with data from several health organizations on a daily basis. We have permanently elevated our safety procedures related to disinfecting the park and distancing within the park. We will announce our staged "reopening" levels on Facebook. If you are particularly concerned and want up to the day information on how much we are open and what our current plan is, then please see the facebook page which is updated frequently or call us. Safety comes first, so you can be sure that our decisions will be based on data and guidance. Safety first, fun second!