Treehouse rentals 

Looking for a unique place to host your group events, family picnics, reunions, and more?  We have you covered!  Treehouse World offers you the opportunity to rent our fabulous treehouses.  We can assist you in putting a package together for your event to make it a hassle-free, fun day.

Interior Party Rooms (2)

$40/hour - Capacity up to 15 guests

Tiki Treehouse

$60/hour - Capacity up to 14 guests

Gingerbread Treehouse

$80/hour - Capacity up to 25 guest

Leaf Platform

$80/hour - Capacity up to 50 guests

Leaf platform has lighting for evening events as well as electrical outlets

Pavillion Treehouse

$80/hour - Capacity up to 75 guests

Cake Treehouse

$80/hour - Capacity up to 25 guests

Treehouse rentals do not include admission to Treehouse World.  Call for special pricing for daily, weekly or monthly rentals.