Greybeard Kids Treehouse

Greybeard, located near the lobby entrance, was the first kids' treehouse built and comes complete with three levels to climb.  The first level is made completely out of netting and rope so it has the effect of being a large swinging hammock. The second and third floors of the treehouse are 14' circles that are stabilized with cables and have netting for walls.  In 2016, the Greybeard project was completed with the addition of hollow logs for eyes, old manila rope for hair and a sliding board as another way to get down to the ground.

greybeard-drawing      p1090809   Greybeard Treehouse



There are a series of bridges leading to the kids' play area called the Pirate's Cove.  Be ye warned: the tunnels and spiral stair are kid-sized! Adults are allowed up if they have the password.