Twiggy| Master Mascot


Twiggy the Tree Frog joined the team in 2020 as Master Mascot but has quickly spread into somewhat of a celebrity as TikTok extraordinaire.

Twiggy has been living at Treehouse World for quite some time now.  As you know, tree frogs rarely leave the trees....until this year!  Twiggy has seen so many people having so much fun at Treehouse World that he decided to descend from the tree tops and join in on the adventure.

Like many tree frogs, Twiggy has decided to camouflage himself by dressing like you or I.  Although Twiggy loves to tree climb, his favorite activity is ziplining.

You will see Twiggy roaming about the park, joining in on your birthday celebrations and just wanting to say hi.  He has become a celebrity of late with his TikTok videos which you can follow him at Twiggy.thw.   If you see him, don't be afraid to run up and high five him or join in his latest video.