Shoe Daisy Treehouse

The Shoe Daisy Treehouse was started during our Spring 2017 workshop. We set poles, bolts, beams and flooring for the entire platform. The crew worked on the remainder of the structure over the past year. Final touches were completed on The Shoe Daisy Treehouse in the 2019 season. Follow us on Facebook for announcements of special Story Time events in the Shoe.



Shoe Treehouse Construction Sketch

Original Shoe Treehouse Sketch

The structure of this platform is a combination of ground and tree support, and we fixed the platform to the large tulip poplar tree, and allowed the floor to float on the 4 posts in the center. When building treehouses, it is often a difficult choice whether to support a structure fully in the tree or to use ground support. In this case, we did not want to cut the size of the treehouse down to something we felt comfortable perching on just the two trees, especially where the small oak was in the understory and barely big enough to install a TAB (Tree Attachment Bolt).

Treehouse Construction DIY Resources

Treehouse World offers workshops every year to teach people how to design and build treehouses. These workshops are open to parent/child teams, contractors, tree climbers, architects, or anyone interested in learning our craft. A small group of 10-20 people gather from all over the world to meet like minded people and learn some new tricks. For a 2-day experience of learning both hands on and in a classroom, check out our Treehouse Construction Workshops!

Treehouse Kits and Plans

Treehouse Supply Company

Tree Top Builders

We get many requests from people who want to build their own treehouse or hire us to build one for them. Treehouse World does not do this, but our affiliate companies do. For construction of commercial and residential treehouses, please visit Tree Top Builders, Inc. For buying a kit or plans to install a treehouse yourself, please visit Treehouse Supplies, Inc.