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Coming Summer 2024 - The New Valley Creek Ziplines at Treehouse World will feature 4 Rope Bridges, up to 50ft in the treetops, 420' Zipline going speeds of 35+ mph and finish off with a side by side dual zipline.




Are You Up To The Challenge?



Zipline Adventure Course has 3 ziplines between 105 and 420 feet long, with speeds between 15 and 30 mph. The last zipline is a dual ‘racing’ zipline where you can zip side by side with a friend across the first of our 2 Valley Creek Ponds. There are large platforms built in the trees where groups gather and cheer on their friends and fellow participants. All participants will receive a briefing at our “Ground School” to learn how best to navigate the course and use our safety equipment. It is important to show up on time, because if you miss ground school, you cannot go on the zipline tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The minimum age is 8 years old when permitted only with a parent in a 1:1 ratio. Many children in this range may need assistance to complete the course.

The minimum age to ride alone is 12 years old. Most 12 year olds can navigate the course with little or no assistance from our staff guides.

The minimum weight to participate is 60 pounds & the maximum is 275 pounds

The difficulty level is easy to moderate – climbing on balance beams, swinging logs, rope bridge, and gliding through the air on the ziplines.

At least 2 staff will be present with each group to promote a good experience for everyone.

VC Aerial Tour

Valley Creek Nature Area

The Valley Creek Zipline Tour is located above the headwaters of the Valley Creek, in Chester County, PA. The spring house beneath the first zipline still brings water to the surface where it flows out and feeds 2 small ponds at Treehouse World, which eventually feed Valley Creek. On the tour, you will zip and climb tree to tree back and forth across the valley, anywhere from 10 to 50′ above the ground. The last dual zipline crosses the big pond that the creek fills. From Treehouse World, the Valley Creek winds past the Exton Mall, then near the Downingtown Quarry, and through part of West Chester, PA before emptying into the East Branch of the Brandywine Creek which joins the Delaware River near Wilmington, DE.

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