Tree Climbing

You may have some experience rock climbing and you have probably tried to climb a tree at some point in your life, but have you ever gone rock climbing on trees? Now you can! Do you think you have what it takes to ring the bell at the top of the climbing route, almost 40 feet high? How about a tree climbing birthday party or a group outing at Treehouse World?

Rock Climbing Route on Trees

This climbing route is 40' up a tree!

Tree climbing provides a sense of accomplishment because it involves overcoming physical and mental challenges. The first climb up the tree is usually about figuring out what it's like to use the climbing holds on the tree, and then discovering that it's safe to let go and descend when you get tired. But, you can try again and will usually climb higher the second, third, and thirteenth time they climb.

About Our Tree Climbing Events...

Some of our climbing routes are higher than 40 feet in the trees, which is a perspective not many of us are used to! We all have a natural inclination to climb things, and this is better than having the kids (or the husband) climb on the roof of your ground house, isn't it?

The Rock Climbing Tree at Treehouse World

The first climbing tree at Treehouse World

The best part? Being fearless. Making a move you couldn't make last time. Ringing the bell. Cheering your friends as they climb. Developing individual skills with group support make tree climbing an excellent group activity for team building or as an adventurous birthday party activity.

Rock Climbing on a Tree

Climbing a tree, one rock at a time!

If you have rock climbing ropes, equipment, and experience, then here are some places for rock climbing in Pennsylvania (climbing on rocks, not trees). If you don't, then come climb our pre-established climbing routes on some big oak trees. Enjoy the fun of rock climbing in a totally unique way since Treehouse World is the only place in Pennsylvania with approval to operate this activity.


Looks like fun, doesn't it!  Requirements to participate on the Tree Climbing Activity:  Minimum weight of at least 22 lbs. up to a maximum of 275 lbs.