Our Family Treehouse

Our Family Tree

We'd love to get to know you! We'll get started sharing a bit about our team members here.

Treehouse World began in 2015 as a vision for people to enjoy treehouses and adventure activities, allowing everyone to release their inner child in a fun, welcoming environment.

Kerri Kita has worn several hats at Treehouse World since joining our team in 2016. Her current role is the Operations and administration of the park. She is not usually as visible as our supervisors and adventure staff; her hard work is usually behind the scenes. Read more about Kerri Kita here.

Sydney Mackenzie, Camp Treehouse Camp Director, has been with Treehouse World for four years and started as Adventure Staff while completing her education.  Read more about Sydney Mackenzie here.

Twiggy the Tree Frog is our mascot extraordinaire.  Joining the team in 2020, he has become somewhat of an instant celebrity with his TikTok skills.  Read more about Twiggy here.

Want to Join our Team?

The staff at Treehouse World are here to facilitate great experiences for our guests. If you are passionate about serving people in a fun environment, then you might be a great fit here. Please see our employment listings to learn more.

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