Are You the Next Treehouse Warrior?

Treehouse World is Getting An Upgrade

At Treehouse World, we always look for new and exciting ways to add adventure to our park. You can find this excitement in every part of our park, from our treehouses to our zip lines. Along with the adventure component, we also try to create enriching activities that stimulate the mind and body! With this idea in mind, we began envisioning what addition to the park would accomplish both of these ideals. After plenty of research and guest outreach, we agreed that the best addition to bringing to the park would be a revamping of our guest's favorite attraction, Warrior Woods!

What is Warrior Woods?

Like its more famous sibling, American Ninja Warrior, Warrior Woods is set outdoors and is meant to test your endurance and strength in a timed course! This action-packed wooded free-play area has several obstacles to challenge your strength and endurance. Use speed, efficiency, and generally a good deal of grace on the quick step.

The balance beams are an amazing sensory outlet for all kids and adults! They encourage stability/balance and body awareness about where their body is in space. After several other obstacles, you will finish the course by racing up Twiggy's Tower and ringing the bell! Race against time with your friends and family and find out who is the next Treehouse Warrior

Try Your Luck at Treehouse World!

Think you have what it takes to be Treehouse Worlds' next Treehouse Warrior? Visit our park during Fall Hours (Saturdays and Sundays, 10 AM - 4 PM). You can visit Warrior Woods in all of our admission passes as well! We look forward to seeing you and finding out who our next warrior will be!