The Nature Path to Fun at Treehouse World!

Path to Tree Climbing at Treehouse World

The Beauty of Our Park

Whether it’s your first visit to Treehouse World or your third, anyone can appreciate the beauty of our park and be able to spend time in nature while having fun! Treehouse World began in 2015 as a vision for people to enjoy treehouses and adventure activities that allow everyone to release their inner child in a fun, welcoming environment. A huge component of our mission is all about preserving the beauty and ecosystem of the park for years to come. We understand how exciting it can be when you first arrive at the park and the urge to run from treehouse to treehouse, but we must remember to stay on the nature path for various reasons…

Why It’s Important to Stay on the Nature Path

  1. Ensuring Visitor Safety
    1. Since we are an outdoor adventure park, there are wildlife, bugs, poison ivy, and uneven terrain in our non-designated areas. For these reasons, we created designated paths around the park to help guests safely get to and from attractions! So, look for our Twiggy Signs around the park, and follow his advice!
  2. Protecting the Health of the Trees 
    1. Trees are very strong and resilient structures, otherwise they wouldn't be able to withstand all of our amazing treehouses. But, if the roots of the trees become damaged, they could suffer greatly! Due to years of erosion, many of the trees in our non-designated paths have their roots above the ground. The more damage these roots experience, the weaker the tree becomes. So, it is important for everyone to stay on the path to keep our trees healthy for years to come.
  3. Keeping Our Park Grounds Healthy
    1. Although Treehouse World is here for our guests' enjoyment, we want to ensure that we positively impact our environment. Various plants and animals call THW their home, and we want to make sure they can live peacefully while we have fun. By staying on the path, you are ensuring the safety and well-being of the environment around you.

So Remember…

So, for your next visit to Treehouse World, do your part and stay on the paths so we can all enjoy the park's beauty for years to come!

Stay on the Path

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