Planning A Staycation if you live in Chester County

Planning A Staycation

Vacation a Little Closer to Home

Everyone deserves a good vacation once and a while! As exciting and relaxing as vacations can be, they can be quite the hassle to prepare for. Thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic, many families started staying close to home to enjoy their family vacations without all that hassle and referred to them as “staycations”. What better place to have a staycation than Chester County! With plenty of great places to eat, sites to see, and activities to do, the area is a perfect location for locals to plan the best staycation!

Planning A Staycation in Chester County

Wondering where to start when it comes to planning the ultimate staycation in Chester County? Featured in this blog are several businesses where you and your family can enjoy all that the area has to offer!


  1. Andiario
  2. The Marshalton Inn
  3. Roots Cafe
  4. Four Dogs Tavern
  5. Stove and Tap
  6. La Michoacana Homemade Ice Cream
  7. The Whip Tavern
  8. Ron’s Original Bar and Grill

Sites & Attractions:

  1. Treehouse World (Of Course!)
  2. Valley Forge National Historical Park
  3. Jenkins Arboretum & Garden
  4. Air Ventures Hot Air Balloon Flights
  5. 1723 Vineyards
  6. The Colonial Theatre
  7. Longwood Gardens 
  8. Herr’s Snack Factory Tour

These fantastic restaurants and attractions aren’t the only things Chester County has to offer for your staycation! Visit to learn more about our amazing area and all the other great things you and your family can do during your staycation. And of course, don’t forget to add a stop to Treehouse World on your list!

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