How to Navigate Treehouse World

Navigate Treehouse World

Welcome to Treehouse World

There is nothing quite like walking into Treehouse World for the first time. The excitement of seeing children and adults ziplining through the trees and hearing the laughter from the various treehouses creates a sense of joy that brings a smile to anyone's face! Some guests might not realize how big our park truly is, but have no fear! We have all the tips you need to help navigate the park and make the most of your visit. So, where should you start?

How to Navigate the Park

Once you pull into our parking lot, the first stop to make is at the main office. Once inside, we help you and your family sign in, and you're ready to go! After leaving the office, head to the harness hut, where our knowledgable adventure staff will help you prepare. Once you're geared up, you are ready to explore the park. Depending on the type of pass you purchase, there are different areas to start at. Have an Explorer Pass? Feel free to visit our treehouses, warrior woods, the tomahawk throw, and the bundgy trampoline. Did you purchase the Super Adventure Pass? Have a ball and explore the entire park! These are just a few of our pass options, and we have plenty more on our website. If you happen to get a little lost, our maps will help you navigate where you need to be, or you can stop and ask someone from our adventure staff for help!

Want to Visit?

We have plenty of exciting activities to participate in at Treehouse World for the whole family to enjoy! So if you're ready to have some summer fun, visit Treehouse World today! Call us at 484-329-7853, visit our website, or email us at

Treehouse World – Where Nature Meets Adventure!

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