Treehouses Under Construction 

Designing and building treehouse projects is one of the most exciting parts of developing Treehouse World, because we can be as creative as possible and share our imaginations with you. Our treehouse construction projects are designed to appeal to all ages with some of them aimed at kids or adults, boys vs girls, houses vs play structures. The following links will help you stay up to date with the projects currently under construction and give you an idea of what we will start working on in the next year!

Treehouse Projects Currently Under Construction

Treehouse Supplies Treehouse

This is the first treehouse in our upcoming Treehouse Town.  Sponsored by our sister company, Treehouse Supplies, this treehouse will feature a standard plan kit for the DIY'ers complete with rope bridge, climbing, slides, swings and some surprise extras

Next Up: Treehouse Projects Ideas

As Treehouse World continues to grow, we plan to add several more treehouses each year. Our final goal is to have dozens of themed treehouses, ranging from a pirate ship treehouse to a princess castle treehouse. We are even hosting a Design a Treehouse Contest! If you'd like to participate, just email us!

Idea Stage Construction Projects for 2019 & beyond:

  • Beehive
  • General Store
  • Lego Treehouse
  • Treehouse Town
  • Treehouse Fort