Things To Do At Treehouse World

Games and activities are going on throughout every day at Treehouse World. The events of the day are not always the same, but the lists below give you some idea of the kinds of things to do here that we offer on a rotating basis. If you are visiting on a themed event day, then check the calendar to see what is planned, such as walking the plank on talk like a pirate day. Or, if you are planning a group event, then let us know what you are most interested in doing during your visit, and we will make sure that your preferred activities are ready for you.


Outside Extras:

  • Walking on Nature paths
  • Labyrinth (small maze)
  • Feeding our pet bunnies, free range chickens & guinea hens, and our nigerian dwarf goats
  • Woot! Found wild fruit!
    • Red Raspberries (mid July)
    • Apples (August/September)
  • Picnic tables scattered along the trails for picnics.
  • More Activities in the Pirate's Cove
  • Warrior Woods

Look no further for fun things to do outside in West Chester!  Address: 1442 Phoenixville Pike, West Chester, PA, 19380. This is in Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA. Please contact us with any other questions or directions.