Camp Treehouse 2021 Health and Safety Plan

What is Camp Treehouse doing to ensure the safety of their staff, campers, and their families?

  • Limited campers per counselor
    • The same counselor and campers will remain together for the entirety of the camp week when possible
  • Parents are not permitted to exit their vehicle during drop-off or pick-up.  Counselors will retrieve the camper and bring them to you.  You will be issued a car pass on your first day of camp.
  • Temperature checks of all campers will be mandatory.  If the child exhibits signs of illness or a temperature they will be immediately returned to their vehicle and asked to remain home.  Any child ill prior to camp, please stay home.
  • No cash will be accepted from campers.  Parents can purchase pre-loaded cards for campers to make purchases.
  • Social distancing protocols will apply.  Increased space, smaller groups, limited mixing of groups, staggered visits to the adventure activities, harness assigned to child for entire week, adjustment of camp activities to limit sharing of items, supplies, equipment, etc.
  • Trained counselors on CDC Guidelines for sanitizing and social distancing protocols.  All staff of Treehouse World and Camp Treehouse will be required to wear masks.  If a staff member is sick, they will remain at home.  Trained substitute counselors will be available for employee absences.
  • Please provide a mask for your camper, for when the need arises to enter the buildings, a bottle for touchless water fountain refills and any other items you feel are necessary to ensure the safety of your child.
  • Councelors will enforce frequent hand washing, following CDC protocol.
  • Sunscreen:  Parents should apply sunscreen PRIOR to arriving to camp.  Councelors will only be permitted to assit campers with the application of spray-on lotion, they are not permitted to assist with lotion. Campers will not be permitted to share sunscreen with other campers.
  • All personal products must be labeled with your child's name.  Each camper should carry his/her own belongings, a backpack is desired.
  • Typical first aid procedures will be followed, as recommended by the CDC.  Basic first aid will be performed by the child's counselor.

What happens if a camper/staff member shows symptoms of being sick?

  • The camper will be safely isolated from the other campers and their parent will be notified to pick their child up immediately
  • The camper cannot return to camp without showing no signs of symptoms or a temperature in certain circumstance we may require a doctor’s note
  • Should a staff member show signs of illness, they will be immediately sent home.
  • All staff will be properly trained on identifying and responding to symptoms of COVID-19 based upon recommendations from the CDC.

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases:

Camp Treehouse and Treehouse World will follow CDC and Pennsylvania Department of Health recommended procedures for cleaning and closure if a suspectoed or confirmed case is present in the facility.

Treehouse World staff members will actively communicate with parents regardying any confirmed case of COVID-19.