Buccaneer Zipline Construction

Buccaneer Zipline Completed and Open in Early Summer, 2017

One of the First Kids to Ride the Buccaneer Zipline

One of the First Kids to Ride the Buccaneer Zipline

The Buccaneer Zipline is 150' long, starts from a 12' high platform in the Children's Grove, and lands across the field on a big platform near a beech and cherry tree. It is designed for children 3 & up (must be large enough to fit in our harness snugly) and for those who want to try out a less intimidating zipline that isn't 50' in the air. The buccaneer zipline is available as a birthday party adventure or as a separate ticketed experience for anyone during a visit to Treehouse World. Our staff assist with fitting your harnesses and following our procedures to operate the zipline, so parents don't have to do anything but watch. However, adults can ride it too, which is also a fun experience to have together with your kids.

We built this zipline with the following people in mind:

  • Not old enough or not ready for the full challenge of the Valley Creek Aerial Adventure Tour
  • Want a faster way to experience a zipline (takes minutes instead of over an hour for a full tour)
  • Want to fit a zipline ride into the traditional birthday party format.

The Process of Building a Small Zipline

The Buccaneer Zipline was designed to be comparable to a good backyard zipline ride. It is better than the smallest kits you can buy cheaply online, and made with commercial grade components. For example, most backyard ziplines are made with 1/4" or 3/8" wire rope, but ours is 1/2", which makes the ride smoother, makes it rated for adults, and make it last a lot longer. The operation of the ride is designed to allow kids to wear a harness and get 2 rides each as a birthday party activity. Our sister company, Tree Top Builders, builds ziplines along with Treehouses for commercial and residential clients alike. One difference, however, is that most backyard ziplines land on the ground rather than on a platform above ground. At Treehouse World, we build a landing platform because we want the experience to be more like what they will experience on our Valley Creek Zipline Adventure Course. We anticipate that many first time zipline riders will try the little one first to assess how comfortable they are before climbing 50' in the air for their first zipline ride.

Zipline Construction Resources

Zipline Kits and Parts

Zipline Supply Company

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Zipline Construction Services

We get many requests from people who want to build their own zipline or hire us to build one for them. Treehouse World does not do this, but our affiliate companies do. For construction of commercial and residential ziplines, please visit Tree Top Builders, Inc. For buying a kit or parts to install a zipline yourself, please visit Treehouse Supplies, Inc.

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