Zipline Tour Construction

The Ziplines are Open! It's Official!

Zipline Belay Line Construction

Workers installing belay lines on the first stage of the zipline tour.

After about a year and a half of design, construction, and regulatory approval process, the Valley Creek Zipline Adventure Course was opened and operated our first tour on April 27th, 2017! You know how construction projects can go, right? And you can't rush the process if you want to be compliant and thorough during the process. In Pennsylvania, ziplines are considered amusement rides and so we have registered the ride with the state and operate it in accordance with documents that we have filed. We know that tens of thousands of you have seen our zipline project as you drive by Treehouse World between the Boot Road and Frazer exits on 202 in West Chester. It's as exciting for us as it is for you, and we are proud to make this exciting experience available to you all. Come see us soon!

The Zipline Construction Process

Our property has the most exciting topography near highway 202, which also gives us visibility from people during their daily commutes, and it has some good, strong trees such as sycamore, walnut, spruce, poplar, and oak that hold up the various treehouse style platforms. We took elevations & measurements to plan out the best possible course, and then set up our test zipline wires. We generally build the ziplines first in order to fine tune the rides, and then build the platforms underneath at a good launch height for each zipline. Then the various belay wires and bridges were built. Lastly, we confirmed all measurements, load tested various elements on the course, and prepared our final engineering packet for review by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Basic Information about the Zipline Tour

Zipline Wire Rope Termination

Forming an Eye Termination in a wire rope

Located in Chester County, PA, our zipline tour includes 8 bridges and 3 ziplines. No two crossings are the same. The difficulty is easy to moderate with some light climbing and traversing. Sometimes, walking on wire and rope and crooked boards that wobble a bit can mess with your sense of normal. However, you don't need to be a gymnast to get through the course. The tree platforms vary in size from 25 to 350 square feet, and are set in trees up to 50 feet above ground. The ziplines range from 100' to 430' long, with variable speeds. The last zipline goes over the pond.

Zipline Construction Resources

Zipline Kits and Parts

Zipline Supply Company

Zipline and Treehouse Builders

Zipline Construction Services

We get many requests from people who want to build their own zipline or hire us to build one for them. Treehouse World does not do this, but our affiliate companies do. For construction of commercial and residential ziplines, please visit Tree Top Builders, Inc. For buying a kit or parts to install a zipline yourself, please visit Treehouse Supplies, Inc.

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