Why Ziplining Courses Are Great For Team Bonding


Team Building Post Pandemic

With some sense of normalcy returning to corporate America after the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees are returning to the office. With this new normalcy, many businesses are looking to help their teams get reacquainted or even meet each other for the first time. Team bonding has always been an excellent way for team members to get to know each other, but now more than ever, it allows a team to learn how to work together again and trust each other after seeing one another through a computer screen. Whatever kind of team you have, you are all working toward a common goal, which is why team-building is essential in improving your team’s unity.

How Treehouse World Can Help: Valley Creek Aerial Course

At Treehouse World, we believe in having fun, and that is found in abundance with our Valley Creek Aerial Zipline Tour. Valley Creek is an action-packed, challenging, and adrenaline-filled adventure that takes about 90 to 120 minutes for the average group to complete. The course has three ziplines between 105 and 420 feet long, with speeds between 15 and 30 mph. Large platforms are built in the trees where groups gather and cheer on their friends and fellow participants. The last zipline is a dual ‘racing’ zipline where you can zip side by side against a colleague for a little team bonding bragging rights.

What You And Your Team Should Know Before You Go

To best enjoy your day, your team must wear closed-toe or athletic-type shoes. Our adventure staff will then walk you through everything you and your team need to know during our “Ground School,” which includes learning how to navigate the course, safely use your equipment, and motivating and encouraging your team members. To participate in the course, there must be a minimum of four participants in a group. The minimum weight to participate is 60 pounds & the maximum is 275 pounds. At least two staff will be present with each group to promote a good experience for everyone. We recommend our guests buy their tickets online or give us a call ahead of time to ensure their time slot for Valley Creek Aerial Tour.

More Questions? We Can Help.

Interested in taking your team building to the next level, but have a few more questions? The adventure staff would be more than happy to help. Call us at 484-329-7853, visit our website, or email us at office@treehouseworld.com.