What are those Glowing Tree Lights on 202 in West Chester?

If you have been driving on 202 between the West Chester, PA and Frazer, PA exits, you're probably wondering what the glowing lights in the trees are, right? I know, you've been driving on 202 for years and years, and never seen the UFO like floating platforms in the trees? Other companies along 202 put lights up, but they are all sterile white bulbs devoid of creativity, life, and fun. That's not how we do things here!

Welcome to the new zipline hotspot in Pennsylvania, Treehouse World!


The Northern Lights Zipline Tour

If you think the glowing lights look awesome from the road, we hope you'll come visit Treehouse World and go ziplining through the colorful trees. The earth is full of color and life, from the sycamore trees, to the Dogwood blossoms, to the scarlet oaks, evergreen spruces, and golden ginkos. The adventure in the trees is now amplified by colorful lights after dark as well, which creates an absolutely unique experience.

We're glad that you've noticed us! We hope you'll come enjoy our Northern Lights aerial arboreal .