A World Class Treehouse Destination


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People have come from most US states and 13 countries to visit Treehouse World to take it all in. Most have an enduring passion for treehouses, either building them or experiencing them. Either way, you have got to put this place on your treehouse destination list.

Are you just a little obsessed with treehouses? Yeah, so are we. The following are real people that we meet every day:

  • A parent with lumber money and a few long weekends coming up this summer.
  • An engineer who contemplates a living, moving, growing foundation system.
  • A carpenter longing to unleash creativity.
  • An arborist trying to work with the trees’ natural biology.

If you are nodding your head right now, then make plans to come visit us and share in the thinking process that improves the treehouse industry's technology and design every year. Treehouse World is 14 acres of arboreal creativity and technological and design innovation. You will learn, fellowship, and contribute to the growing art and science of building in trees. Or, you can just sit aloft for a while and ponder the many complex treealities of life (couldn't resist), if that be your preference.

When to Visit Treehouse World

Treehouse World is busier in the summer months, but even in the middle of winter, you can contact us for availability. If you want to learn as much as possible about Treehouse Building, then consider coming for one of our Treehouse Building Workshops - an intensive theory and hands-on experience focused on sharing everything we know about treehouses with you.

Treehouse World: The birth of an International Attraction


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It all began in 2003 when Dan Wright caught the treehouse bug. He read everything that could be found on the internet (relatively new back then). He read every book that could be found on treehouses. He studied and became an ISA certified arborist. He determined to build treehouses the very best way possible. To build treehouses for clients, to support and supply the treehouse industry, and now, finally, to let people experience treehouses and arboreal life by visiting Treehouse World.

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