Earth Day

Earth: The material substance of our planet and by extension all of the living organisms and systems that support our lives.

What would Treehouse World be without concern for trees at the very center of it? We consider ourselves the tree guardians of our 14 acres, and have designed our paths and treehouses to complement trees. In addition, we are concerned with water quality and quantity, a chemical-free approach to the environment, and using sustainable and reused materials.

For Example:

  • We use broken pallets in our decorating and make crafts out of them, when our shipping department would otherwise have thrown them away.
  • We design paths to protect over 2/3rds of the forest floor from soil compaction.
  • We build treehouses in a way that allows them to continue growing.
  • We have a confusion of guinea fowl which patrol the grounds, searching for ticks.  This keeps us from having to use chemical treatments on the grounds

If you share these values with us, then consider joining us for Eco Day.