Archery Tag

A Great Group Activity

Archery Tag Game 2

Shooting Around Inflatable Pillars


Large Groups and Reservations at Treehouse World

Hourly Reservations: $300 for the court. Up to 12 players at a time.
Half Hour: $180 for 30 minutes.
Reservations are required for groups who want to book the field for a private game.

Archery Tag at Your Location

Have a large group and want us to come to you? Great! We're happy to set up games for companies, schools, and other organizations. Pricing is based on a 2 hour minimum. We provide setup and referees.
$675 for first 2 hours
$225 per additional hour
Additional cost if your location is more than 15 miles from Treehouse World. Please ask for details.

Archery Tag - What is it?

Archer Tag LogoArchery Tag is a new group activity that involves teamwork, tactical maneuvering, and lot's of running around. Players use bows to shoot foam tipped arrows at each other and at targets, attempting to rack up the highest score and take home the glory!

Archery Tag Game 1

Catching an Arrow in Archery Tag

Archery Tag is a new, unique activity. Unlike Paintball, Archery Tag does not hurt or leave a mess. Unlike laser tag, you actually get to shoot a projectile through the air. Unlike dodgeball, there are barriers to take refuge behind. Unlike video games, you get a lot of fun exercise while you play. This is quite simply the only archery game out there.

It is safe, exciting, and is a suitable activity for groups of 4-12. 6v6 is the ultimate matchup and the most that we can put on the field at one time. Non-regulation, larger games with up to 24 players can be arranged, but reservations are required and this may not be available during peak times.

Archery Tag is growing in popularity and you'll know why when you try it. It is played on a regulation field for pickup games or tournament play. Many locations have competitive teams that travel, so if this interests you, please let us know. For more information on this trending sport, please visit Archery Tag .com